Universal DVD Replacement Battery
Item #: DVD-UNIV1LI   |    In Stock
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Universal DVD Replacement Battery
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Universal DVD Replacement Battery

Item #: DVD-UNIV1LI   |  In Stock
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Today's Price: $78.95

Today's Price: $78.95

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1 Year Warranty
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Product Specifications for Universal DVD Replacement Battery

Voltage: 7.2 Volt
Capacity: 6300 mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
  Little known fact:  
Replacement batteries and accessories have the same performance standards as OEM batteries but are significantly cheaper. Why?
Because OEM manufacturers know they can get away with marking up prices 80% (and more) and people will still buy from them. Smart shoppers don't fall for that.
  • Audiovox: 1700, CDQ-5, DV-1680, RB-LI15
  • Initial Technology: 5820, DVD-5820, IDM9530, RB-LI15
  • Memorex: DP501-C, MM-5000
  • Mintek: 1710, 5860, 5861, DVD-5860, DVD-5861, DVD1710, DVP-5510, MDP5510, MDP5830, MDP5860, MDP5861, MM5000, RB-LI06, RB-LI15
  • Panasonic: CGP-H601, CGR-H601, CGR-H601A-1B, CGR-H602, CGR-H603, CGR-H603A, CGR-H703, CGR-H703A-1B, DVB-H601, DVD-L10, DVD-L50, DVD-LA85, DVD-LA95, DVD-LS5, DVD-LS50, DVD-LS55, DVD-LV50, DVD-LV55, DVD-LV57, DVD-LV57, DVD-LV60, DVD-LV60, DVD-LV65, DVD-LV70, DVD-LV75, DVD-PA65, DVD-PV40, DVD-PV40, DVD-PV55, HLI-H601, LV57, LV60, LV65, PV40
  • Polaroid: BT-0720, BT-41, BT-41, BT-42, BT-42, BT-45, PDM-0725, PDV-0700, PDV-0700, PDV-0700K, PDV-0700K, PDV-0700S, PDV-0700S, PDV-0701, PDV-0701, PDV-0701A, PDV-0701A, PDV-0713, PDV-0713, PDV-0713A, PDV-0713A, PDV-0713B, PDV-0713B, PDV-0740, PDV-0740, PDV-0740M, PDV-0740M, PDV-0744, PDV-0744, PDV-0744M, PDV-0744M, PDV-0750, PDV-0750, PDV-0750S, PDV-0750S, PDV-0750SRF, PDV-0750SRF, PDV-077PT, PDV-0800, PDV-0800S, PDV-0800SRF, PDV-0801, PDV-0801A, PDV-0802, PDV-0802M, PDV-0813, PDV-0813A, PDV-0820, PDV-0820S, PDV-0820SRF, PDV-0820T, PDV-0821T, PDV-0823, PDV-0823A, PDV-088PT
  • RCA: 5400P, RC5400, RC5400P
  • Samsung: DVB-SB100, DVD-L100, DVD-L100, DVD-L200, DVD-L200, PA-SB100, PA-SB100W
  • Sharp: DV-L80U
  • Toshiba: MEDB04SX, MEDB05LX, SD-P2500, SD-P2600, SDP-1500, SP-P2500