Olympus Li40B Charger
Item #: VBC-272P   |    In Stock
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Olympus Li40B Charger
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Olympus Li40B Charger

Item #: VBC-272P   |  In Stock
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Today's Price: $28.95

Today's Price: $28.95

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Product Specifications for Olympus Li40B Charger

BM Part #: VBC-272P
Shipping Weight: 2.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

This Li40B Battery Charger is compatible with the Olympus Li40B battery. The Olympus Li40B battery charger features internal safety protection from overheating and overcharging and two LED status indicators. AC power source and DC car cigarette lighter adapter are included.

Replaces these OEM Part Number:

  • BN-V101, BN-V101, BN-V101E, BP-1100, BP-1100, BP-1100, BP-1100R, BP-1100R, BP-1100R, DB-20, DB-20L, DB-30, DDNP-100, DDNP-100, DDNP-80, HS-DC101, HS-DC80, KLIC-3000, KLIC-3000, KLIC-3000, KLIC-8000, KLIC3000, NMG98, NMP41, NP-100, NP-100, NP-80, NP-80, PDR-BT1, PDR-BT2, PDR-BT2A, SPJ2000

Fits These Models:

  • Fuji: MX-1700, MX-2700, MX-2900, MX-500, MX-600Z, NP-100, NP-45
  • FujiFilm: BN-V101, BP-1100, DB-20, DB-20L, DB-30, DDNP-100, DS260, FinePix 1700z, FinePix 2700, FinePix 2900z, FinePix 4800 Zoom, FinePix 4900 Zoom, FinePix 6800 Zoom, FinePix 6900 Zoom, KLIC-3000, MX-1700, MX-1700Z, MX-2700, MX-2900, MX-2900Z, MX-4800, MX-4900, MX-600, MX-600X, MX-600Z, MX-6800, MX-6900, MX-700, MX600, MX600 Zoom, NP-100, NP-80, PDR-BT1, PDR-BT2, PDR-BT2A
  • JVC: BN-V101, BN-V101E, DDNP-100, GC-S5, HS-DC101
  • Kyocera: BP-1100, BP-1100R
  • Olympus: D-630, FE-5500, IR-300, LI40B
  • Polaroid: PR-102DG
  • Ricoh: 6365, Caplio RDC-i700, DB-20, DB-20L, DB-30, RDC-i700
  • Sanyo: VPC-E1600TP
  • Toshiba: NP-100, PDR-BT1, PDR-BTA, PDR-M4, PDR-M5