Samsung SB-L110/220 Charger
Item #: VBC-200P   |    In Stock
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Samsung SB-L110/220 Charger
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Samsung SB-L110/220 Charger

Item #: VBC-200P   |  In Stock
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Today's Price: $28.95

Today's Price: $28.95

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Product Specifications for Samsung SB-L110/220 Charger

BM Part #: VBC-200P
Shipping Weight: 2.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

This SB-L110 and SB-L220 Battery Charger is compatible with the Samsung SB-L110 and SB-L220 battery. The Samsung SB-L110 and SB-L220 battery charger features internal safety protection from overheating and overcharging and two LED status indicators. AC power source and DC car cigarette lighter adapter are included.

Compatible With:

  • Samsung: SB-L110, SB-L220, SB-L70, SB-L70A, SB-LS110, SB-LS220, SC-107, SC-130, SC-180, SC-190, SC-21, SC-23, SC-24, SC-27, SC-29, SC-31, SC-325, SC-327, SC-33, SC-34, SC-340, SC-39, SC-530T, SC-55, SC-590T, SC-60, SC-67, SC-70, SC-73, SC-75, SC-80, SC-81, SC-86, SC-87, SC-93, SC-99, SC-D103, SC-D107, SC-D130, SC-D180, SC-D190, SC-D20, SC-D21, SC-D23, SC-D24, SC-D27, SC-D29, SC-D31, SC-D323, SC-D325, SC-D327, SC-D33, SC-D34, SC-D340, SC-D37, SC-D370, SC-D39, SC-D530, SC-D530T, SC-D55, SC-D590, SC-D590T, SC-D60, SC-D6040, SC-D6550, SC-D67, SC-D70, SC-D73, SC-D75, SC-D77, SC-D80, SC-D81, SC-D86, SC-D87, SC-D903, SC-D93, SC-D99, SC-L700, SC-L770, VM-1300, VM-1500, VM-1900, VM-2000, VM-3710, VM-670, VM-690, VM-710, VM-730, VM-770, VM-790, VM-930, VM-A650, VM-A930, VM-B1300, VM-B1900, VM-B3710, VM-B710, VM-B730, VM-B770, VM-B97HS, VM-B990, VM-C1500, VM-C2000, VM-C630, VM-C670, VM-C690, VM-C730, VM-C790, VM-C890, VP-103, VP-323I, VP-D10, VP-D101, VP-D103, VP-D103I, VP-D105, VP-D107, VP-D11, VP-D130, VP-D130I, VP-D15, VP-D15I, VP-D190, VP-D190I, VP-D190MSI, VP-D20, VP-D21, VP-D21I, VP-D23, VP-D230, VP-D23I, VP-D24, VP-D250, VP-D26, VP-D270, VP-D30, VP-D301, VP-D303, VP-D303I, VP-D305, VP-D307, VP-D31, VP-D323I, VP-D327I, VP-D33, VP-D33I, VP-D34, VP-D340, VP-D34I, VP-D380I, VP-D39, VP-D530, VP-D530R, VP-D55, VP-D590, VP-D590I, VP-D60, VP-D6040, VP-D6050, VP-D6050I, VP-D63, VP-D65, VP-D70, VP-D73, VP-D75, VP-D76, VP-D76I, VP-D77, VP-D7L, VP-D80, VP-D81, VP-D82, VP-D83I, VP-D85, VP-D87, VP-D87I, VP-D903I, VP-D907I, VP-D93, VP-D97, VP-D99, VP-D99I