48 Volt Battery Fuel Gauge
Item #: BFG48V   |    In Stock
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48 Volt Battery Fuel Gauge
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48 Volt Battery Fuel Gauge

Item #: BFG48V   |  In Stock
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Today's Price: $78.95

Today's Price: $78.95

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Product Specifications for 48 Volt Battery Fuel Gauge

BM Part #: BFG48V
Voltage: 48 Volt
Length: 2.40"
Width: 3.85"
Height: 0.35"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 3 Year Factory Direct

Pro Charging System's 48 Volt Battery Fuel Gauge:
The most advanced and reliable battery fuel gauge

  • Accurately displays battery pack state
  • Utilizes Advanced Firmware
  • Intelligently Detects Battery Pack Charge Status
  • TROUBLE FREE, Easy Installation - Connect It and Forget It!
  • Advanced Microprocessor Constantly Evaluates Battery Pack State
  • Thin Design, Durable, Water Resistant - Made in the USA and Built To Last
  • Lead Length: 10 feet from gauge to ring terminals

May be used in many types of applications including: Golf Carts, Hunting Buggies Electric Utility Vehicles, LSVs, Aerial Lifts, Lift Trucks, Scrubbers, Lawn Equipment, Emergency Vehicles, Boats and More...

The battery fuel gauge solves one of the most common complaints about battery status indicators currently on the market today. Most battery status indicators are not accurate and many are not reliable. Many employ old technologies. The new Pro Charging Systems Battery Fuel Gauge changes the paradigm. Think the old "Motorola Brick Phone" from the late 1980's versus today's I-Phone. The new Pro Charging System (PCS) battery fuel gauge measures the battery's energy state with precision and accurately displays the information more like a traditional fuel gauge. The display is easy to read and understand. In addition, the installation of the product is quite simple. Since the system utilizes intuitive technology, it fits and adapts to a wide range of applications. Great pride is taken in the performance, quality and versatility of this product and it is backed by exceptional customer service.

Features of the Battery Fuel Gauge:

  • Twelve LED array shows level of battery pack depletion
  • LED array displays the level of charging for the battery pack
  • Low Battery Voltage LED Indicator - Red indicator flashes warning and stays on when charging is required
  • An audible low battery voltage warning is included
  • Status self-adjusts while charging is in progress
  • Rugged PC ABS polymer case/Water resistant design
  • For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) batteries