Battery Tender Plus 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Gel Cell Battery Charger (Non-CEC)
Item #: 021-0156   |    In Stock

Battery Tender Plus 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Gel Cell Battery Charger (Non-CEC)
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Battery Tender Plus 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Gel Cell Battery Charger (Non-CEC)

Item #: 021-0156   |  In Stock

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Today's Price: $49.99

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Product Specifications for Battery Tender Plus 12 Volt 1.25 Amp Gel Cell Battery Charger (Non-CEC)

BM Part #: 021-0156
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 1.25 Amps
Shipping Weight: 4.00Lbs
Warranty: 10 Years
Datasheet: Download
MSDS: Download (PDF)
  • This item is not for sale in California or Oregon (Non-CEC).

This product is not for sale in California or Oregon. It does not meet the CEC (California Energy Commission) regulations.

Specifically designed for Gel Batteries only. Not designed for AGM or standard batteries. If you need the standard Battery Tender click here.

The Deltran Battery Tender Plus is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Included is a quick connect harness for hard to reach areas. Perfect for gel BMW motorcycle batteries.

  • Includes one Clamp Harness and one Lug Harness
  • Optional cigarette plug allows you to charge & maintain your battery directly from your vehicle's lighter socket (only use if socket energized with key off)
  • Temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature.
  • Automatically switches from full charge to float charging mode.
  • Battery Tender at 1.25 amps will charge as fast or faster than any 3 amp charger available.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection to ensure user safety.
  • Complete 4-step charging program (Qualification, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode).
  • BTP microchip technology virtually eliminates battery destroying sulfation
  • Built in 72 hour timer will protect a marginal battery from over charging
  • Charge/Maintain up to 4 batteries (of similar type - in parrallel)
  • Spark Proof
  • Size: 4.88 x 3.25 x 2.88"
  • Input Power: 115VAC @ 60Hz
  • Temperature Range: -20F to 120F
  • UL listed
  • 10 year Warranty!

Battery Tender Plus's new BTP microchip technology applies the correct peak charge, then automatically maintains the battery at the perfect float voltage which virtually eliminates battery destroying sulfation. What does all this technology mean for you? A battery that is ready to go when you are! BTP microchip technology will extend the life of your battery.

The new Battery Tender Plus Gel will correctly charge and maintain gel batteries.

Technical Specs:(Adobe PDF)
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What our Customers are saying
Gel Cell Charger
August 28, 2015
by on August 28, 2015

use for motorcycle battery and lawnmower

Houston, Texas
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Very nice product.
April 3, 2015
by on April 3, 2015

Nice and now very confident that my motorcycle batter will go dead.

Elk Grove, CA
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Battery tender
March 30, 2013
by on March 30, 2013

Hello, I just love my Motorcycles and scooters..but most of the
time they just set there..I love looking at them, they are
my jewels..I have your battery tender on each one, 5 total.
when I walk past them I can almost hear then say, ride me,
ride me, ride me ......I just love um..there are all over
50 years old...I am 73


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Battery Tender Plus
May 16, 2012
by on May 16, 2012

I had one before this one and liked it very much. I use it for Amateur Radio Equipment and it is fast and very dependable

North Port, Flo
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Battery Tender Plus 12V 1.25 Amp Charger
January 22, 2012
by on January 22, 2012

I used the charger to revive a dead Yamaha Zuma scooter battery. It was very simple to use and brought the battery up to 100% charge in less than an hour.

Colorado Spring
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Pleased with Battery Tender Plus
January 6, 2012
by on January 6, 2012

Am very pleased with the Charger/Tender so far. I have only used it one time but was very satisfied with the end results. It's easy to hook up and no need to worry about over charging the gel cells. I have 2 gel cells and that will keep up with both of them. The batteries are used for Ham Radio backup power supplies and very important for them to be ready at a moments notice. Thank you for a great

North Port, Flo
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Awesome Tender
December 20, 2011
by on December 20, 2011

Awesome tender. Charged up my bike in no time and has kept it well through out the cold weather so far. I like that it came with a tender connector and clamp.

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