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New to USA-Made Battery Chargers for Scissor Lifts and Rental Equipment
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Posted: March 25, 2011

Scissor Lift is proud to now offer high-quality, USA-made battery chargers for rental equipment, such as scissor lifts, aerial lifts, and more. These chargers, developed by Pro Charging Systems, are application specific to ensure they have proper cable length and connectors. The charging profile in these units assures your battery will perform to the heights of it's capabilities.

At you can find an extensive cross reference by make and model or charger part number:

Pro Charging Systems has the answer to your electric battery charging needs. The sophisticated Eagle Performance Series battery chargers utilize their proprietary DeltaVolt Intuitive Charging Technology to enhance both the performance and life of batteries. The company's exclusive 5 stage charging technology uses advanced charging algorithms to allow superior control of specific gravity to battery manufacturer recommendations. In addtion, the system's maintenance mode conditions batteries to extend their performance and life.

The result of using Eagle Performance Series battery chargers:

  • Dramatically Enhanced Battery Performance = More Time in Service
  • Substantially Extended Battery Life = Reduced Maintenance Expense Over Time
  • Dependable, Fully Charged Batteries Every Time = Ultimate satisfaction with your rental equipment

Eagle Performance Battery Charging Systems are designed for the demands of the industrial lift industry and offer a number of features that equipment rental dealers seek including:

  • Easy Installation! - "Plug 'N Play" Technology
  • For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) and Gelled Electrolyte batteries
  • Automatically detects and configures for battery type.
  • Factory customized to meet your installation requirements
  • Multiple connector options
  • Multiple mounting bracket options

These products are used in many types of applications including:

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Walk Behind Forklifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Dump Trailers
  • Other Lift Equipment

About DeltaVolt Intuitive Charging Technology

New Intuitive Charging Capability

  • Advanced 5 stage intuitive charge technique
  • Automatically adapts to charging needs of both cranking and deep cycle batteries
  • Can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes completely and safely
  • Technology designed, developed and proudly produced in the USA

Revolutionary DeltaVolt Technology Advances Battery Charging To A New Level

As a result of Pro Charging Systems ongoing commitment to produce the most advanced battery chargers in the industry, the company is proud to introduce its new DeltaVolt intuitive battery charging technology. This technological leap forward utilizes sophisticated firmware (software) to enable the charger to automatically adapt to the charging needs of a wide range of batteries such as Group 24, 27 and 31. In fact, DeltaVolt technology can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes safely and completely.

In addition, this new intuitive technology will safely charge batteries to 100% with a specific gravity unmatched by others in the industry. This enables the battery to perform longer between charges and substantially enhances the life of the battery. For instance, many battery chargers on the market today charge batteries to 80% with a lower specific gravity causing lower performance and greater degradation to the battery. These battery chargers substantially reduce the useful life of a battery. In fact, utilizing the wrong battery charger may cut the life of your batteries by 50%.

DeltaVolt intuitive technology is the 21st century solution to battery charging.

  • Dramatically Enhances Battery Performance
  • Substantially Extends the Life of Batteries
  • Advanced Charge Profile Conditions Batteries
  • Charges Batteries to Manufacturer Recommended Specific Gravity Levels