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New to NOCO Genius Battery Chargers
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Posted: October 29th, 2009
NOCO Genius Chargers - Wicked Smart Chargers

Now that's Smart... Wicked Smart

Automatically Diagnoses, Recovers, Charges & Maintains Your Batteries!

NOCO Genius ChargersNOCO Genius Battery Chargers are advanced On-Board Marine Battery Chargers that can safely charge wet, gel, maintenance free, and AGM batteries. These chargers are the smallest and most efficient sealed chargers in the industry. Their small size and light weight design allows them to be installed in tight spaces allowing for clean installations and reduced weight in the boat. The three year warranty on the Genius Battery Chargers indicates the high reliability of these products.

You can always leave the chargers connected to your batteries. With the Genius' intelligent micro-processor, the charger determines when (and when not to) charge. The charger does not remain in a "Maintenance" charge mode, which can cause damage to your batteries.


  • Advanced 8-Step Charger
  • Energy Efficient, 90% Efficiency
  • Rapid Charging Technology (RCT)
  • Varible Input Compensated (VIS)
  • Fully Interactive, MCU Controlled
  • Charges: Wet, Gel, MF & AGM Batteries
  • Compact Lightweight Design
  • Fully sealed for harsh environments
  • Made in the USA

Fully Interactive, MCU Controlled

The NOCO Genius charger is a fully automatic and fully interactive Micro-Control-Unit (MCU), making it faster, more powerful, more reliable, and smarter than the competitive brands. What does that mean to you? The charger will adjust itself to the changing current and voltage requirements to charge and maintain your batteries.

Compact Lightweight Design

The high efficiency power conversion allows the charger to be light and compact. This charger is more versatile than other brands, and is easy to install and fit into tight locations.

Designed for Safety

Each of NOCO Genius chargers contains multiple safety features to protect against user errors. These safety features include: reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, over-temperature, over-charging, and spark proof battery hook-up.

Energy Efficient, 90% Efficiency

The NOCO Genius charger is 90% efficient. Why is that important? The higher the efficiency level, the lower the power waste. Unlike other battery chargers, which waste almost half of their rated current, the NOCO Genius charger always performs at an optimal level.

24-Hour Mode

Leaving a battery in permanent maintenance charge mode reduces battery life. In fact, most battery manufacturers recommend against it. That is why this charger shuts off when the charge sequence is complete. Then turn "On" every 24 hours to ensure proper maintenance of your battery and making sure your batteries are 100% charged.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured in the USA. With a research and development facility in Arizona and manufacturing facility in Ohio, NOCO has the ability to consistently produce the highest quality and the lowest return in the industry.

Advanced 8-Step Charger

Stage 1 & 2 - Diagnose and Test
Checks the battery voltage to make sure battery connections are good and battery is in a stable condition.

Stage 3 - Soft Start
Begins battery charging process with a gentle charge.

Stage 4 - Bulk Charge
Begins Bulk battery charging process, returns 80% of battery capacity and voltage to 14.0 volt.

Stage 5 - Absorption Charge
Switches to a constant current charge rate to bring your batteries close to 90% charge.

Stage 6 - Taper Charge
Charges at low current levels until battery has reached 95% of its capacity

Stage 7 - Top-Off Charge
Charger initiates top-off charge to bring the battery to 100% charge.

Stage 8 - 24 Hour
Shuts off, but constantly monitors your battery by providing a gentle charge every 24 hours for maximum battery life.

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