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Save your batteries with automatic battery protection!

PriorityStart! stops dead batteries automatically before damage occurs. Constantly monitors voltage. Senses any voltage drain and automatically disconnects the drain. Then automatically reconnects when you simply open the door, push on the brake pedal or turn key! Computer "chip" technology. Universal design/fits any 12-volt application.

PriorityStart! 12 Volt ProMax Battery Protector PriorityStart! 12 Volt ProMax Battery Protector
BM Part #: 12V-PROMAX
12 Volt
1 Year Factory Direct Warranty
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Your Price: $89.95
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PriorityStart! 12 Volt Marine PriorityStart! 12 Volt Marine
BM Part #: MV-12-WB
12 Volt
1 Year Factory Direct Warranty
Your Price: $92.95
Quantity Price Each

PriorityStart! 24 Volt ProMax PriorityStart! 24 Volt ProMax
BM Part #: 24V-PROMAX
24 Volt
1 Year Factory Direct Warranty
Biggest Sale of the Year!
Your Price: $68.95
PriorityStart Holster PriorityStart Holster

Your Price: $29.95

The PriorityStart Battery Saver - Stops Dead Batteries

Used by many dealers, upfitters, dealerships, and, of course, our customers! The PriorityStart! line of products keeps a constant eye on your battery's voltage and automatically disconnects and cuts power to stop any undesired drain on your system. Once the engine is off, the PriorityStart will kick in if it sees the voltage drop below threshold (11.7 volts, factory setting).

Easy Installation

The universal design of the PriorityStart Battery Protectors allows installation with both top and side-post terminals.

PriorityStart! Installation Item List

Priority Start Partslist

Item A. PriorityStart! Unit

Item B. Post Adapter

Item C. PriorityStart! Pos (+) Red Cable

Item D. U-Clip

Item E. PriorityStart! Ground Wire

Item F. Attachment Band

Item G. LED Power Indicator

Top-Post Setup

Priority Start Top Post/Terminal Install Guide

Installation for Vehicle

1a. [TOP POST ONLY] Using a 7/8" wrench, tighten Post Adaptor (Item B) firmly into top of PriorityStart! [Fig. 1].

1b. [SIDE POST ONLY] Using a 7/8" wrench, take Post Adaptor (Item B) off of PriorityStart! Tighten firmly into positive terminal of battery [Fig. 6].

2. Install band (Item F) around battery.

3. Reconnect negative battery cable to negative battery post and install U-Clip (Item D) to terminal [Fig. 2 or Fig. 7]. Connect ground wire (Item E) to U-Clip [Fig. 3 or Fig. 8].

4. Connect PriorityStart! red cable (Item C) to positive post on battery [Fig. 4 or Fig. 9].

5. Connect vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart! [Fig. 4 or Fig. 9].

6. Place PriorityStart! under band (Item F) [Fig. 5].

Now Operational!

Priority Start Top Post/Terminal Install Guide

For installation, please use the actual owner's manual here. (Link to manufacturer's website)

Side-Post Setup

Priority Start Side Post/Terminal Install Guide