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Philips Cordless Phone Batteries offers a wide selection of aftermarket replacement Philips Cordless Phone batteries that are compatible with specific Philips Cordless Phone models. You can buy with confidence that replacement Philips Cordless Phone batteries from are built with superior parts and come to your door at a great price.

With our vast inventory of replacement batteries, finding your battery can be a little daunting.If you need assistance with locating your Philips Cordless Phone battery please call our customer service team at 1-800-405-2121 or email us.

EVALIA 5600 EVALIA 5800 Aleor Ana TD 9220
Aleor Aloris 5100 Aloris 5200
BF021P C39453-Z5-C193 CL8050
CL8100, CL8150 CL8160, CL8170, CL8180 CL8190
CL8202, CL8230, CL8232 CL8240, CL8241, CL8245 CP-350AUS
DCT G612 DCT G722 DCT G725
DCT G792 Evalia 5400 Evalia 5500
Evalia 5600 Evalia 5600C Evalia 5800
Icana 5260 Icana 5550 Icana
ID 555 ID555 MC-163-500
SJB-2121/17 SJB-2121/37 SJB-2121
SJB2121/17 SJB2121/37 SJB2121
SJB2193 SJB3142 SJB3192
SJB4142 SJB4162/17 SJB4162/37
SJB4162 SJB5142 TD5100
TD5200 TD5400 TD5500
TD6200 TD6400 TD6600
TD6800 TD6820 TD6850
TD9210 TD9629 Xalio 5100
Xalio 6100 Xalio 6400 Xalio 6600
Xalio 6800 Xalio 6820 Xalio 6850
CL8305, CL8310, CL8320 CL8340

Replacement Philips Cordless Phone Batteries

Our factory-fresh aftermarket replacement Philips Cordless Phone batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a reduced price. Our batteries are made from the highest quality parts and are 100% compatible with the listed Philips Cordless Phone models.

The Battery Experts

Need assistance finding the right replacement Philips Cordless Phone battery? Please call us at 1-800-405-2121 or email us and our customer service team will help you find the correct battery for your Philips Cordless Phone.