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Optima batteries utilize a six-pack of SPIRALCELL technology. Traditional batteries have a stack of thick lead plates surrounded by acid. But Optima batteries feature two thin lead plates wound into a tight spiral cell, with an absorbent glass-mat in between to hold the electrolyte solution. This unique design allows for more power and increased energy, resulting in quick, reliable starts as well as increased protection from excessive heat and vibrations.

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Optima D34/78 Yellow Top Battery - 750 CCA
BM Part #:
Optima D34/78 Yellow Top Battery - 750 CCA
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  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 750 CCA
  • Dimensions: 10" x 6.8" x 7.8" (Top of Terminal)
  • Chemistry/Type: AGM Drycell
  • Capacity (Amp Hours): 55 Ah
  • Warranty: 1 - 3 Year

What is the difference between Yellow Top and Blue Top batteries?

Yellow Top: Use this when electrical loads are higher than average, or when the discharge cycle is more than typical engine starting, such as vehicles without alternators. This also includes vehicles with significant electrical loads that may exceed the average alternator output (for example aftermarket audio system, GPS, chargers, winch, snowplow, inverters, drag cars). This can also include vehicles that have a lot of electronics from the factory, such as a minivan with power sliding doors and a DVD player, especially if the DVD player is used when the engine isn’t running.

  • Racing vehicles without a charging system (alternator or generator)
  • Dedicated drag racing vehicles
  • Diesel powered vehicles with aftermarket electronics
  • Car audio/video applications exceeding 250 watts over the OE system
  • Vehicles or heavy equipment with inverters, hydraulics, winches or other accessories
  • Electric vehicles

Blue Top: The Blue Top starting battery (dark gray case) is to be used when a dedicated starting battery is required and it should never be used for cycling duty. The dual purpose Blue Top (light gray case) can be used for both starting and deep cycling; it is a true deep cycle battery with extremely high cranking power.

  • Trolling motors, marine applications with heavy electrical accessories and RVs should use a dual purpose Blue Top (which is both a starting and deep cycle battery)
  • Use a Blue Top starting battery for marine applications and RVs when the battery’s only function is engine starting

Note: The difference between Blue Top and Yellow Top deep cycle batteries is that Blue Top batteries have both automotive (SAE) posts and threaded posts, while Yellow Top only have SAE posts.