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Battery Watering Guns

Made in the USA, SFS (Single Flow Series) Watering Guns from Liquid Precision, Inc. allow maintenance personnel to safely add water to batteries. These rugged tools keep the user safely away from direct contact with the cell during battery watering. This protects you from any hazard associated with acid splash.

These guns are very easy to use. Once the host is connected, just squeeze the comfortable front trigger all the way back. As fluid touches the tip of the nozzle, the gun automatically shuts off, which can be both heard and felt. This eliminates over-filling and under-filling of your battery cells. Just the right amount of water, every time!

What's the difference between the SFS-100 and SFS-200?

Both guns have the same bend radius, but different front nozzle diameters. The SFS-100's nozzle diameter is 27/32" and the SFS-200's nozzle is 23/32".

The SFS-100 fits most standard industrial and golf cart batteries, making it the most commonly used watering gun. The SFS-200, with it's smaller nozzle, is ideal for batteries with smaller vent openings and aftermarket battery flip caps.

SFS-100 Battery Watering Gun SFS-100 Battery Watering Gun
BM Part #: SFS-100
Regular Price: 110.00
Sale Price: $68.95
SFS-200 Battery Watering Gun SFS-200 Battery Watering Gun
BM Part #: SFS-200
Regular Price: 123.00
Sale Price: $74.95

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